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Urban landscape projects COVID-19 Response plan    

18th March 2020

THE NOVEL Coronavirus OUTBREAK is impacting the community in unprecedented ways. ULP doing what we can to ensure we keep everyone safe while delivering quality Landscapes throughout this period.

We have implemented a number of risk management and safety procedures to help protect our staff and School Communities from the risk of Covid-19.


We are taking this outbreak very seriously and have put the following measures in place: 

  • Staff numbers onsite will be restricted to 10 people or less.

  • All work sites have been issued with hand wash and sanitiser located on the site fence, so that any person entering or exiting our compound can wash and disinfect regularly.

  • Our secure site fencing will be set up with a minimum 2m clearance/ buffer zone to allow for social distancing.

  • Our site fencing includes additional safety signage relating to COVID-19

  • Our sites are already fully enclosed and locked, but this secure site fencing will be set up with barrier mesh screens to fully separate our site from the surrounding space and eliminate social interactions through the fence line.

  • All staff have been well advised to practice good sneeze & cough hygiene at all times

  • all staff have been advised to practice social distancing onsite

  • Staff are to avoid drop off and pick up times and avoid any close contact with the school population. 

  • We will maintain our own entrance into and out of the site wherever possible and will work with the school to keep our entry and exit times different to the school population.

  • ULP can provide a portable toilet to fully contain our work site if use of the school’s facilities require extensive internal access to the School building.

  • We have implemented a formal internal procedure around management of this outbreak

In terms of managing logistics and ongoing project implementation: 

  • Staff: Our construction teams have been separated into segregated groups, while our office team has been split into two teams working from home or in the office on alternating weeks.

  • Supply: We have always had a focus on buying Australian wherever possible. We have spoken to our suppliers and we do not foresee any supply chain disruptions that will impact upcoming projects.


We will be keeping a very close watch on all Government advice and updating this plan accordingly. we will work with our clients in every way possible to ensure the safety of every person on and around our work sites.


Yours Sincerely, 

from all the team at ULP.

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