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A Play space isn’t just about play, it’s about playful learning. Our inspired design team is listening to what many forward thinking educators are saying about Future Focused Learning Spaces. While this is very much a growing idea, it is gaining a lot of momentum in recent years. Urban Landscape Projects can incorporate your ideas around this theme into your out door learning space to make them work for you. Our future focused learning spaces get classes outdoors to connect with real life experiences and learning opportunities.

Waterhole, Campfire, Life OR Cave

Let us know how you’d like us to design your ‘Waterhole’, ‘Campfire’, ‘Life’ and ‘Cave’ themed outdoor learning spaces to be integrated into the play space and really make the best use of your grounds. “

We incorporate a number of additional interactive learning elements such as raised vegetable gardens, water pumps, weigh scales, sun dials, maths circles, rain gauges surrounded by observational elements like habitat gardens, native bee hives, beneficial insect gardens and nest boxes.
By combining nature with formal learning spaces it allows interdisciplinary learning that forges  a connection between subjects (How does Maths and Nature go together? What patterns exist in nature?). It creates a soothing passive space that connects with Sustainability as a cross curricular priority in the Syllabus. It allows for learning about Nature while being in Nature.
We are not educators, and our understanding and appreciation of the teaching process is constantly evolving, but through years of learning through collaboration we are excited by the possibilities of combining what we can create with what Project Based Learning can provide.



“Future-focused learning environments inspire students to be leaders of their own learning. Students collaborate and use critical and creative thinking to solve complex problems and become mindful global citizens.”


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