Primary Schools

We see the playground is an important place of learning through play. Our play spaces meet the requirements of school environments and are designed to enhance learning spaces across the six Key Learning Areas (KLA’s). 

We create dynamic play spaces and integrate future focused learning spaces to get classes outdoors to connect with real life experiences and learning opportunities. 

Our designs respond to the nature of the school environment and respond to the use of appropriate material selection, circulation space, clear lines of sight for supervision, realistic maintenance budgets and compliance with both Australian and Departmental Standards.

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New South Wales
1-2/ 14 Loyalty Road
North Rocks NSW 2151
T 02 9958 1988

ABN 32 626 400 833
Lic. # 326557C

102 Grays Road
Doonan QLD 4562
T 07 3117 9905

ABN 32 626 400 833
QLD Lic. # 15294553
QBUILD Reg. 876384

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